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A New Partnership with Guide Dogs

A New Partnership with Guide Dogs

I have always thought that being able to have a hound by our side is a rare and profound bond that we humans are very fortunate to have. Their consistent and stoic companionship without fail provides a depth of reassurance and love we rarely find in our fellow humans.


As a family we have always had dogs, we have two at the moment that fill the house with love and hilarity. We love our walks and adventures with them to places that without them we probably wouldn’t have trodden.


I worked in London when I was in my early 20s, each morning I would sit on the bus near a guide dog and his owner. I adore dogs so I would sit and gaze at him; the most relaxed and indifferent commuter!  As the weeks went by I would always catch his eye.. and I sensed his implacable glimmer of recognition for his fellow commuter.


This collection is in honour of my fellow bus commuter all those years ago, and to the realms of wonderful guide dogs who open the world to us all in so many wonderful ways.




In the By My Side Collection you’ll find everyday home accessories for   you and your Dog presented as perfect gifts and lovingly made luxuries for dogs and dog lovers. From Mugs which come in 4 designs as sets of 4 or sold as singles to a  treat jar and dog bowl.

 Each celebrates the Guide Dog breeds, and each works to offer   support to the charity and the   partially  sighted community. You can learn more about Guide Dogs and why it’s so important to support them at https://www.guidedogs.org.uk/ You can also buy any pieces from the By My Side Collection on both  Fenella Smith and The Guide Dogs Shop https://guidedogsshop.com/collections/fenella-smith

 All pieces are ethically sourced and created by Fenella Smith - a climate positive company through Offset Earth. Mugs retail at £14.00, Sets of 4 Mugs £50.00, Dog Bowls £24.00 and Treat Jars £34.50 available at Fenellasmith.com. Guide Dogs Shop and other retail stockists.


This collection has been designed and is being sold in support of The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, registered charity number 209617 (England and Wales) and SC038979 (Scotland). Fenella Smith will donate a minimum of £2500 to The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.