Welcome to Fenella Smith. I’m Fenella.

I started Fenella Smith nearly ten years ago and since then we’ve been on an amazing adventure. One full of creativity and collaboration. We set out to become a British design brand who celebrate colourful self expression and we continue the journey having learnt a lot and made many friends along the way.

I design all our collections, working closely with some inspiring colaberators and makers. Sometime’s Greg my brother (Greg draws the inventive illustrations) and often I am lucky enough to be able to work with many partners such as WWF .  We’ll only settle on a design when we feel it’s practically perfect. From there our wonderful factories around the world ensure each piece we create is well-made and unique.

We want our pieces to make someone’s world that little more pleasant (whether you’re buying for you, your family, or your friends). This is the aim of our whole studio team who are now my close friends, confidents, and extended family! Whenever you have a question, comment, or concern we’ll listen, discuss, and work out what’s best.

Just as our customers care about the world and the bigger picture we  care about the way we design, source and produce our collections,  this is something we know our customers can rely on us to fulfil. We’re  proud to be able to state our vegan certification by the Vegetarian Society  and to play a small part in supporting the environment and becoming a  climate positive workforce, through Offset Earth. We create beautiful things  and we want to keep the planet beautiful too. 

My family and animals are the inspiration and bedrock of Fenella Smith. I live in Henley-on-Thames with my husband (Simon), three step children (Phoebe, Oscar, and Thea), daughter (Finty) and two dogs (Bramble - our beloved labrador, and  - our rescue border collie).

As a child I was encouraged to follow my dreams and not mind where those dreams took me. I love this ethos, and it’s one fueling Fenella Smith every day. If you adore our pieces even half as much as we adore making them then I’ll be a very happy girl!