Modern Slavery Act Policy

This statement is made by Fenella Smith and sets out the steps that we take to ensure that modern slavery is not taking place within our supply chain or our own business. Fenella Smith works to maintain high professional and ethical standards and ensures its employees know their role in maintaining these.

Fenella Smith checks that staff can demonstrate their eligibility to work in the UK. All employees are provided with a written contract of employment and are governed by company policies.

Fenella Smith’s Supply Chain

We do not tolerate any form of modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business. Sustainable Procurement is an integrated value in our supply chain management. We seek to trade with suppliers who match and complement our ethical standards and organisational values whilst seeking to minimise the environmental impacts arising from the delivery of their goods or services. Fenella Smith does not own the companies or factories that produce its goods, but we recognise our responsibility for the workers in those factories to ensure that they are able to make our products freely and in good working conditions. We source the majority of our products from 3 suppliers based overseas in Portugal, China and India. We believe that it is important to engage with product suppliers who are reputable and considered to be ethical suppliers and we ensure they have undergone an independent audit such as SEDEX or BSI and that these are kept up to date.

Fenella Smith has no cause to suspect that Modern Slavery is currently present within its business or supply chain, nor any evidence that it has been present in the past.