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Autumn travel in style

Autumn travel in style

Top places to visit in Europe this Autumn

Embark on a city break in Europe and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of a new destination, exploring its hidden gems around every corner. Looking for an Autumn adventure in Europe here are our ‘top fives’ from coffee house to gift shopping.

Top 5 coffee shops…

For when you’re lost in the rhythm of city strolling and endless exploring, here are our top five coffee shop locations throughout Europe to ease the sudden need for a coffee or a quick bite to eat. A chance to refuel and savour the local flavours amidst the urban hustle and bustle. Wherever your travel plans take you don’t forget to bring one of our trusty crossbody bags to comfortably carry your essentials while keeping your hands free to elevate your explorations. Our soon to launch Lily, with multiple compartments, makes for the perfect city companion.

01 Pastéis de Belem: Lisbon

Stop off at the Pasteis de Belem store and try the original Pasteis’ made from an ancient recipe that remains unchanged and unknown to this day. Although you can find delicious pastel de nata throughout Lisbon, none are as enriched with Portuguese history as those from this iconic bakery. Selling over 20,000 Pasteis a day, this is certainly a popular travel destination!

02 All’Antico Vinaio: Florence

Head to All’Antico Vinaio for sandwiches that are nothing short of legendary, combining fresh, high-quality ingredients in the heart of Tuscany. All’ Antico Vinaio makes for the perfect stop off point to grab an authentic Italian sandwich to eat on the go while strolling the streets of Florence.

03 Boot cafe: Paris

Set in a former cobbler’s workshop in Le Marais, this pint-sized coffeeshop might be small but has plenty to offer when it comes to specialty coffee. This iconic Parisian coffee shop sources their beans from the local roastery Belleville Brûlerie and serves expertly prepared pour-overs. After wandering the endless streets of Paris, sit back and relish in speciality coffee…

04 Antica Pasticceria Carraturo: Naples

Antica Pasticceria Carraturo in Naples is a timeless treasure for sweet enthusiasts, where artisanal pastries and traditional delights have been crafted with love and expertise for generations, creating a taste of Napoli’s rich culinary heritage in every bite. The perfect way to elevate your day out in Naples.

05 Bonanza coffee: Berlin

Going strong since 2006, Bonanza is one of the founding players on the coffee shop and roastery scene in Berlin and serves ‘unnecessarily good’ coffee, according to their website. Their site-roasted coffee beans are some of the best in Berlin and they offer a public tasting every Saturday afternoon as well as providing their beans to a number of the city’s third-wave coffee shops!

Top 5 cocktail bars…

If your travel plans include nights out in a new city, we’ve picked out five of our favourite cocktail bars around Europe perfect for adding that little bit extra to your evening. For evening elegance choose one of our Fenella Smith mini Mimi bucket bags to effortlessly elevate any outfit with their chic, compact charm.

01 Little red door: Paris

Beautiful, quaint and located in the heart of Paris, Little Red Door is a cocktail bar you certainly don’t want to miss when visiting the charming city of Paris. With many unique and quirky recipes, Little Red Door is a cocktail wonderland with a large array of choice.

02 Red Frog: Lisbon, Portugal                                                                                         

This stylish spot offers craft cocktails from old-fashioned favorites to whimsical creations with drinks so pretty you nearly don’t want to disturb them.

03 Nottingham forest: Milan, Italy

After some city exploring in Milan, head to this experimental cocktail bar, offering creative cocktail recipes from around the world served in a variety of playful styles.

04 Floreria Atlántico: Arroyo, Argentina

The storefront that houses hidden bar Floreria Atlántico beneath a flower shop is a must visit in Arroyo, Argentina. Boasting beautiful bouquets and a variety of cocktail concoctions, Floreria Atlántico is both elegant and alluring.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  05 Rasputin, Florence

A mysterious bar in Florence, nestled behind a chapel-like door in the beautiful Santo Spirito quarter, where a dimly lit ambiance, secret entrance and expertly crafted cocktails combine to offer an enchanting and exclusive nightlife experience.                                                                                    


Top 5 cities for Christmas gifting...

As the holiday season draws near, the air becomes crisper and the streets come alive with festive decorations. It’s time to embark on the joyous journey of Christmas shopping, seeking the perfect gifts for our loved ones. We’ve picked out our top 5 Christmas gifting destinations to make Christmas shopping all the more special. Travel with a weekender or two! to fit all those gorgeous gifts!

01 Harrods, London

Indulge in festive luxury at Harrods, London during Christmas, where the beautiful displays and impeccable selection of gifts promise a shopping experience unlike any other, perfect for finding that extraordinary gift.

02 Florence, Italy

Wander through the enchanting Christmas markets of Florence, where their city-wide light festival ignites the magic of the season, with endless opportunities for gifting thoughtful presents that capture the essence of this romantic city’s holiday spirit.

03 Valkenburg Christmas Market, the Netherlands

Discover the Valkenburg Christmas markets in the Netherlands, where the captivating underground setting of the Velvet Caves transforms into a subterranean winter wonderland, inviting you to explore a unique holiday market experience like no other.

04 Zermatt, Switzerland

Embrace the enchantment of the Zermatt Christmas markets, where the snow-draped alpine backdrop sets the stage for a magical holiday experience, filled with Swiss delights, handcrafted treasure and snowy scenery.

05 Prague, Czech Republic

Held in the city’s historic Old Town Square, Prague’s Christmas Market’s fairytale backdrop of cobbled streets and elaborate architecture makes it a magical Christmas setting.