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Colour In Your Home: meet our spring collection

Colour In Your Home: meet our spring collection

It's no secret that colour is one of the most important ingredients to our Fenella Smith magic. But now, more than ever, the power colour can have on our moods is more noticeable than ever. In the midst of the 2020 madness, Mr Smith & I were constantly trying to find ways to add more pops of our favourite colour to the house - yellow, of course. For me, yellow is a naturally happy colour with so many different hues inspiring positive moods - an autumnal warm mustard yellow makes me feel cosy and relaxed where as an egg shell, more muted yellow makes me feel fresh and clean. It's quite amazing what impact colour has on us all. So, whilst juggling an office move, home schooling, running a business and trying to stay as sane as possible, I spent a large chunk of last year designing extra colourful products for 2021. 

Now, with almost one month of the year done and dusted, the news feeling as gloomy as ever, launching our new Colour Dip ceramics feels like something we all need a little dose of. Perfect for, well, just about anywhere, we've got mugs, jugs, very useful little pots and bowls in some of the happiest hues we've ever created - a punchy pink, mellow yellow, gung ho green and mediterranean blue ('cos lets face it, we're all dreaming of the moment we get to escape to sunnier climes). 

handmade colourful ceramics by Fenella Smith

Each piece is lovably unique with each one still clutching hold of the imprints of throwing rings that I made at the start of the design process - even though they're now slip cast. We then have our incredible factory team hand dip each and every one - no two pieces ever alike. It makes them feel as though they're already filled with stories by the time they get to you, and in some ways they are! 

I've never felt so invigorated by designing a collection. Perhaps a sign of the times or perhaps an innate confidence of knowing how these pieces will spark that little bit of joy in the lives of our customers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed designing them. 

See the full collection here

Fenella x