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Glorious Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Glorious Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Valentine’s Day traditions in the Smith household

You might remember that Mr Smith LOVES Christmas. Well, what I might not have shared with you is that he's actually fanatical about most big occasions and Valentine's Day is up there with December's festivities. It's safe to say that Mr S spoils me absolutely rotten (I'm one lucky gal), fills the house with flowers, treats me to my favourite scent, cooks for me and showers me with all the romance. 

If I'm REALLY lucky, we start the day off slowly with breakfast in bed (usually with a Mini Smith jumping all over us and the dogs barking away...very restful as you can imagine), before we get on with the day's usual activities (thankfully Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year so no homeschooling - hurrah!)

Then we have a strict evening tradition. I bring the champagne and we cook a tapas-style supper - super relaxed and we can take our time, chattering, eating and sipping the night away. It's very special. 


Valentine’s Day 2021 

Gifts are a window into the best bits of life. An expression of attention, affection, and celebration. A true symbol of care. For me, this is what Valentines Day 2021 should all be about: the importance of care. We all need a bit more of it in our lives right now - whether you’re giving, showing, or receiving. 

I wanted to recognise this at Fenella Smith through my designs and create gifts that care about the person and the planet. These are gifts for anyone. Dog lovers, colourful creatives, or trendy travellers. But they’re also gifts for everyone. 

Our pieces are designed to be as environmentally friendly as they can be. They’re sustainably sourced, vegan certified by the Vegetarian Society, and created by a climate positive company (us!) through Offset Earth. What’s more, when you give a gift, we can give a gift. This is what our recent WWF Snow Leopard Collection is all about.

Whatever you give, be it physical or spiritual, I hope that you enjoy the experience and that it brings a smile to someone’s face.


Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Fenella Smith's Valentine's day gift guide

Fenella Smith's Valentine’s Day Gifts for her...

  1. Thea cross body vegan leather handbag in red, £45
  2. Vegan leather purse in blush pink, £26
  3. Boxed Hummingbird eye mask and vegan leather oyster cosmetic case in yellow (my favourite colour!), currently in the sale at £31.50
  4. Limited Edition WWF Snow Leopard box washbag, £24

Fenella Smith's Valentine’s Day Gifts for him 

  1. John Whaite nested bowls, £60. 
  2. Tao cable tidy in vegan leather, currently in the sale at £25.20.
  3. Luca washbag in vegan leather, £32.
  4. Set of four Labrador mugs, £56.

P.S I have also been known to dress Bramble...you are welcome!