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Inspired by…

Inspired by…
I am often asked who inspires me and I will always go back to makeup genius Bobbi Brown, now in her 60s she has been in her industry for several decades and has an aura of calm wisdom to her that is magnetic. 


I love her podcast and little videos on social.. always that little bit of chilled positive magic in a world where so many seem to be frantic and stressed.



Things I have learned from her… 
Just get on with it.. be positive, believe you can find a solution and.. just get on with it! She once said.. A brand starts by making something great… ‘As an entrepreneur I like to make things better, simpler, more interesting'


Age gracefully, look comfortable in your own skin, be positive about life. ‘It’s ok to be you, because everyone else is taken’


Finally - wear blusher.. a pop of colour is her signature on natural skin.. and it works! 


I think there is something really special about finding your interest; your career and sticking at it, not imagining you are going to be the best of the best after 5 years… but in fact experience, true knowledge takes years and that is a real treasure amidst the changing world around us. 

Fenella xx