Just launched! Meet Fenella Smith's bag collection

Just launched! Meet Fenella Smith's bag collection

This season sees us launch our first Fenella Smith handbag collection, this came about thanks to a good friend asking me when I was going to design a laptop bag for her. All the bags I have designed for this collection are with a friend or family in mind, and their very specific needs, and with a bit of luck, I hope that at least one of them resonates with you.

We shall start with the Luca laptop bag. This one was designed for a friend who I’m utterly convinced works for MI5, which obviously she denies, and am certain that one day, when we’re about 85, she will tell me the truth then shove me in the Thames. I have always been a little saddened by the lack of choice with laptop bags as they all seem to shout Captain Sensible and then are annoyingly incompetent with the lack of room for chargers and personal effects. The bag I have designed is useful with a padded cosy pocket for your laptop and plenty of space for chargers, notebooks, makeup bag and purse. They are joyful and useful. 

The Anna Tote is named after my farmer buddy, she jokingly said this bag should be named after her as her bag is tote-al chaos (see what I did there?). It is, she’s right. She lives on a bucolic farm, has 3 fabulously wild children who ride horses and carry chickens under their arms like comfort blankets. I wouldn’t be surprised if said chickens lay eggs in her bag. Roomy and plenty of space for chaos. And that’s all a tote really needs to be. 

The Mimi Bucket Bag is named after my wonderful and always immaculately dressed friend. Only she would know how to replicate the plaited handle of a Mimi bag in its intricate detail, but I think secretly there’s a free spirit to her which we can’t see! I love the structured, elegant nature to our bucket bag which perfectly covers up the capacity for wild chaos inside.

Our Thea Cross body Bag is named after my beautiful and fabulously diligent step daughter. (she shares my curious desire to store the world in rainbow order).I believe a cross body ought to be understated, elegant, with only the capacity to be organised so all items can be quickly found. Our wristlet, purse and small purse all fit in too so you can take your pick according to your mood. The wristlet even holds an iPhone so you can create order within order!

Which bag is your favourite? 

Love Fenella x