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Meet the family

Meet the family

Meet the family


Fenella Smith is a true family business with now two generations of Smith’s  working with me to get us closer to becoming the brand we desire designing the products our customers love.


Our products have now even become part of the family all taking on their own characters and all with a very particular place and function in the family! The commuters, the travellers, the beauty essentials and of course the evergreen go to classics such as our crossbodies, Totes and Bucket bags.


From the choice of production methods, raw materials and working conditions to our environmental footprint and engagement in the community via our charity partners.

Guided by a desire to create joyful pieces that respect the planet and its people, all our new launched collections use recycled materials. And in 2024 we aspire to having 100% of our pieces being made using recycled materials and will be certified by 3 of the industry's most reliable certifications: Vegetarian Society, The Working Leather Group and RCS.

Since 2019, Fenella has donated 10% of its sales revenue from WWF collection sales for use on WWF programmes and projects. Every year Fenella donates proceeds from sales to the Hope Foundation supporting children and communities in India.


So much has been achieved so far, but I know we can go even further in the future. This is just the beginning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining us on this adventure and helping us write the story of Fenella Smith and being part of our family.


Fenella x