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Hello from Fenella Smith's new HQ

Hello from Fenella Smith's new HQ

I’m writing this post from my desk in our the new Fenella Smith office, nestled on the riverbanks of Henley on Thames. Long glass windows sit us entirely within the seasons and it will be glorious to watch the leaves dissolve into winter. Bramble is delighted to be able to sit at the glass doors and woof heartily at the rowers and passers by. Our new little rescue Border Collie Monty has a huge crush on Heidi Jo’s dog so there’s some office politics there (Heidi is not keen).

Fenella Smith's new office in Henley Upon Thames

I once worked for a man who told me that every conceivable situation could be described by a colour. I would say the process of moving to our new offices would be a muddy brown,  likely thanks to the myriad of boxes and also a muted orange as I sit and gaze (I should be working) at this new amazing Autumnal view.


We were supposed to move here back in March but, like the rest of the nation, we gathered our computers and set up office at home instead. There’s always a lot of laughter in Fenella Smith HQ so I had missed the chatter and general silliness that comes from having a connected and mutually respectful team.

We’re still spending a lot of time on Zoom calls with suppliers and clients and I’ve found it hugely fascinating how people respond to this new world; where communication is so much more distanced and yet there you are in someone’s home. I have had some very amusing calls over the past few months (I shall comment no further). As you sit on that call it is very likely people will ponder on how you present yourself… so take note! I like to call it ‘Zoom Tidy’.

This time of year always feels special; there’s a calmness to the days and a sense of reflection, I’ve been reading The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai which is such a charming book and very reflective of that sense of change. I have also been Autumn cleaning and nesting, I seem to do this more so during Autumn than in Spring with that knowledge we’re all going to be in so we might as well be cosy! So I’ve invested in some gorgeous pieces from Home Barn, where you can find really beautifully curated antiques and original crafted homewares.

My feeling is during this winter we will have the pleasure of more time to focus on ourselves a little more, for my part I want to explore further how colour impacts us and the cultural associations with specific colours and textures. I store my clothes, accessories and books by colour but I’m not sure why I do! My next project is Finty’s playroom. Mr Fenella thinks it’s most curious behaviour but he accepts living inside our rainbow filed home with quiet affection.

Love Fenella  x