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The inspiration behind our Autumn/Winter collection

Fenella Smith Vegan Leather washbag in red

It started with a country show...doesn’t it always!



Each year as a family we attend the Henley Show, a glorious country show with a wonderful array of farm animals and vegetables that have been preened and fluffed to show perfection. Strolling along the lines of prize-winning poultry at the 2019 show, I noticed the plumage of a bird that was so entirely fantastic; pure black and white in the most beautiful pattern. I gazed into her cage, our eyes met as I heard Mr Fenella sigh… those feathers are going to be on a purse aren’t they. Correct… the design was imprinted on my retinas. 

And so you see when I am asked (and I often am) where I get my inspiration from for our designs, I am a little concerned to admit the truth of the matter. Thanks to our rather eccentric and free range up bringing my brothers and I see the world through a lens of delighted amusement. 


New colours for Autumn/Winter



The two colours I added this season; red and orange, really add a warmth and depth to our collection. I have also unwittingly landed our colour collection as a full rainbow. 

The colours in our collections are bright and complement each other – so you may choose a burgundy oyster cosmetic case to match a blush purse in your bag or store your silk Bee & Hydrangea eye mask with your green oyster cosmetic case.

Colours bring joy to our lives and expression to our everyday - two things we’re firm fans at Fenella Smith. So let’s delve into the colourful world of our latest editions.


Optimistic Orange



Creativity. Warmth. Joy. I don’t know about you but orange is one of my favourite colours, it transcends seasons where it can reflect the leafy calm of autumn or the zingy pop of a summer day. 

From our new collection my favourite piece is the Orange tassel wash bag - she’s so bold and sits beautifully in my dressing room this time of year, perfect to store all of my lotions and potions for any overnighters and weekends away.


Radiant Red



Passion and adventure. Power and energy. Red is my colour choice when I’m feeling bold and fearless. If I wear black I like to add some colour and a strong red accessory is perfect for this. It adds a boldness and vibrancy where otherwise the outfit can look a little lost. 

My favourite red product is without question the wristlet - I love that you can see and hint of the striking inner pattern, and the side zip pocket holds my iPhone neatly in place. 

We designed all of these colourful pieces to light up a room, whether you keep them for yourself or give them as a gift. They’ll change a mood and create a smile - we certainly could do with a little lift right now, right?!

Love Fenella x


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