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Celebrate the Snow Leopard. Support the Natural World - A collaboration with WWF

Celebrate the Snow Leopard. Support the Natural World - A collaboration with WWF


In one of the world’s most beautiful areas, India’s Valley of Flowers National Park, lies one of the world’s most beautiful animals, the snow leopard. Both have enchanted me for many years. 

To witness a snow leopard effortlessly glide amongst gentle slopes of diverse flora is both immensely powerful and extremely captivating. You see the natural world in all its glory. Sadly, it’s a world under threat. 

Due to poaching, snow leopards are vulnerable to extinction. As lovers of all things animals, at Fenella Smith we want to play our part and make sure this never happens. 

I’ve been a life-long supporter of WWF’s work - check out my monthly membership packs from when I was a child! So when I learnt about their work to protect snow leopards I knew now was the time to act.


Support the Snow Leopard




The Snow Leopard Collection - a collaboration between WWF and Fenella Smith - is a collection of powerful, captivating, and inspiring designs to celebrate the snow leopard and shine a light on its vulnerability. A collection of beautiful pieces to help protect and restore our planet. And a collection of the most impactful gifts you’ll buy this year. For both you and the snow leopard.


Our design adventure 




I have long long been completely in love with India and I have strong attachments thanks to my time at The Hope Foundation. I was told about the Valley of Flowers by my very good friend Gita...the way she described it just transported me there. When I heard about the dwindling numbers of Snow Leopards that had been spotted there and what they get up to when left alone in their natural habitat, I imagined them hiding and snoozing amongst the fragrant valley floor, peeking out in between the stunning flowers and fauna. 


Me and my brother Greg took this idea and the colours so prominent in the valley, the glowing greens and brilliant blushes, and worked together to bring the collection to life, letting the snow leopards pop whilst also nestling them away in their beautiful, colourful landscape.


The details


In the Snow Leopard Collection you’ll find everyday essentials, glamorous gifts, and lovingly made luxuries. From a vegan leather cosmetic case or tote bag, to a wash bag or pouch. 

Each celebrates the snow leopard, and each works to maintain our natural world. 

That’s because between 5-10% of net sales goes to help WWF’s ongoing work with governments, local communities and TRAFFIC (the wildlife trade monitoring network) to prevent the illegal trade in snow leopards and to reduce conflict with local people. 

To top that all off, all of the pieces in this collection are sustainably sourced, vegan certified by the Vegetarian Society, and created by us, and we’re a climate positive company through Offset Earth - hurrah! Organise your bits and bobs effortlessly. Or give a gift that will have a truly lasting impact.


Find out more about the snow leopard, their habits, natural habitat and what else you can do to protect this magnificent species including adopting a Snow Leopard over on the WWF website.

Love Fenella x